Pop Poo Reverse Mortgage Calculator Game

The Pop Poo Reverse Calculator modes 

The new Pop Poo Reverse Calculator Game software is more than just a reguler reverse mortgage calculator and more than just a game. It provides a software package that combines the most reliable reverse mortgage estimate in the industry and also has a game feature to task and entertain your financial mind. 

The game feature allows you to guess the final estimates before the final results are shown. You are scored or awarded points based on your accuracy or the nearness of your answers to the final result. You can input fictional parameters such as age of mortgage loan seeker, zip code, age of spouse etc. and then try to guess what the final loan and interest rate estimates would be. It also has all the features of a standard mortgage calculator.

The Pop Poo Reverse Calculator Game comes in various mode levels. There is the easy mode, the regular mode, hard mode and then hardest mode. The various game modes stand for various difficultly level of the game. The difficulty level is increased by increasing the number of parameters that you have to guess for and the number of information parameters inputted or supplied. 

The easy mode requires the least level of information input. All you need to input are the age of the mortgage seeker, age of spouse, zip code and estimate value of the home. With this information provided the game would ask you to guess the amount of loan that would be available and the interest rate applicable. As you get better and more accurate the game automatically increases its difficulty level. More parameters such as balance on other existing mortgages would also be factored in. 

The game seeks to entertain those interested in mortgage financial figures such as the mortgage broker. It also helps to better understand how the various parameters such as age, zip and home value all affect reverse mortgage loan options. The more you play the game, the better you get in factoring these various parameters in deciding what to expect and to better advice and help your clients.

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